C. Chuang

D. K. Ferry1
M. Mineharu1
1D. K. Ferry
1M. Mineharu
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|This paper presents a detailed study on the impact of oating body in partially-depleted (PD) SOI MOS-FET on various digital VLSI CMOS circuit families. The parasitic bipolar eect resulting from the oating body is shown to degrade the circuit noise margin and stability i n general. In certain dynamic circuits and wide multiplex-ers, the parasitic bipolar(More)
Some studies suggest that transfusion may be associated with an increased risk of recurrence of and death due to malignant human neoplasms. We examined retrospective data from patients with cervical cancer to see if any association between transfusion of blood at the time of initial treatment and the time interval to recurrence and death could be detected(More)
We have fabricated a high mobility device, composed of a monolayer graphene flake sandwiched between two sheets of hexagonal boron nitride. Conductance fluctuations as functions of a back gate voltage and magnetic field were obtained to check for ergodicity. Non-linear dynamics concepts were used to study the nature of these fluctuations. The distribution(More)
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