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This Monograph aims to contribute to the information processing, the differential, and the developmental modeling of the mind, and to work these into an integrated theory. Toward this aim, a longitudinal study is presented that investigates the relations between processing efficiency, working memory, and problem solving from the age of 8 years to to the age(More)
Designing successful learning environments entails drawing on theoretical perspectives on learning while, at the same time, being cognisant of the affordances and constraints of the technology. This paper reports on the development of a software environment called 3DMath, a dynamic three-dimensional geometry microworld aimed at enabling learners to(More)
In order to integrate Robust Header Compression (ROHC) with IPsec, a mechanism is needed to signal ROHC channel parameters between endpoints. Internet Key Exchange (IKE) is a mechanism that can be leveraged to exchange these parameters. This document specifies extensions to IKEv2 that will allow ROHC and its associated channel parameters to be signaled for(More)
IP Security (IPsec) provides various security services for IP traffic. However, the benefits of IPsec come at the cost of increased overhead. This document outlines a framework for integrating Robust Header Compression (ROHC) over IPsec (ROHCoIPsec). By compressing the inner headers of IP packets, ROHCoIPsec proposes to reduce the amount of overhead(More)
The purpose of this study was to modify and extend Technology Acceptance Model to assess secondary school teachers' intention to use Cabri in geometry teaching. We developed a measurement-structural model and enriched TAM by integrating in the model a new significant parameter, " perceived pedagogical-learning fit " , which refers to evaluating the(More)
In this study we report on an analysis of the mathematization processes of one 6 th and one 8 th grade group, with emphasis on the similarities and differences between the two groups in solving a modeling problem. Results provide evidence that all students developed the necessary mathematical constructs and processes to actively solve the problem through(More)
This paper reports on the design of a library of software applications for the teaching and learning of spatial geometry and visual thinking. The core objective of these applications is the development of a set of dynamic microworlds, which enables (i) students to construct, observe and manipulate configurations in space, (ii) students to study different(More)
Mathematical modelling is a complex mathematical activity, and the teaching and learning of modelling and applications involves many aspects of mathematical thinking and increasing number of mathematics education researchers have begun focusing their research efforts on mathematical modelling, especially at the school level. It is not simply a case of(More)
PURPOSE Increasing numbers of institutions are beginning to utilize calculation-based methods (Monte Carlo or commercial software) of performing patient specific IMRT QA. In such systems the full three-dimensional (3-D) dose distribution may be available. In this work we determine the gamma pass rate calculated using the full 3-D dose distribution that is(More)