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Inheritance of resistance to red rot caused by Colletotrichum falcatum Went was studied in progenies from 39 crosses involving 45 parental clones of interspecific and intervarietal origin. The progenies were subjected for screening against red rot under controlled condition testing (CCT) method. In general, crosses involving resistant parents tended to have(More)
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is the most important food crop of the world; but drought stress is a serious limiting factor to rice production and yield stability in rainfed areas. In order to design an efficient breeding program for synthesis of new varieties with virtues of drought tolerance and high yielding ability, it is necessary to identify potential(More)
e22219 Background: Triple-negative (ER-negative, PR-negative, HER2/neu negative) breast cancer has distinct clinical and pathologic features, and is a clinical problem because of its typically high grade, relatively poor prognosis, aggressive behavior and lack of targeted therapies leaving chemotherapy as the mainstay of treatment. This study envisaged to(More)