C. Chambers

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High-throughput screening (HTS) is the result of a concerted effort of chemistry, biology, information technology, and engineering. Many factors beyond the biology of the assay influence the quality and outcome of the screening process, yet data analysis and quality control are often focused on the analysis of a limited set of control wells and the(More)
Driven by multiparameter fluorescence readouts and the analysis of kinetic responses from biological assay systems, the amount and complexity of high-throughput screening data are constantly increasing. As a consequence, the reduction of data to a simple number, reflecting a percentage activity/inhibition, is no longer an adequate approach because valuable(More)
The Gridcast project is pioneering the use of grid and Web technologies to prototype the next generation of broadcast media infrastructure. The project has a physical network infrastructure that connects BBC Northern Ireland, BBC R&D in London, the Belfast e-Science Centre and the emerging UK grid infrastructure. This physical network infrastructure is(More)
The measurement of intracellular calcium fluxes in real time is widely applied within the pharmaceutical industry to measure the activation of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRhyp;s), either for pharmacological characterisation or to screen for new surrogate ligands. Initially restricted to G(q) coupled GPCRs, the introduction of promiscuous and chimeric(More)
The GridCast project is piloting grid services to support the BBC Nations in their broadcasting activities. The project has developed datagrid-like services together with processing services that support wide-area data distribution and processing. The challenges in developing grid services for broadcasters are the high reliability, resilience, security and(More)
This paper presents a domain configuration grid service which provides a service configuration and lifecycle management mechanism for a grid infrastructure employing a service oriented architecture (SOA). A SOA grid infrastructure is typically composed of numerous domains, which in turn are typically composed of numerous services. A grid usually exists to(More)
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