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This paper presents a new synthesis approach for dedicated systems. The aim of our synthesis scheme is to achieve an automatic exploration of VLIW processor architectures from a pure C description of the input system. The innovation consists in the fact that unit allocation must manage the fact that a function may be realized either by dedicated functional(More)
The major purpose of this paper is to present the partitioninglschedulinglallocation algorithm developed for the CAPSYS method. The aim of this project is to define a tool able to automatically design dedicated and embedded VLIW architectures for large and complex applications. It inherits a sizeable knowledge-pool from the wider field of parallel(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Acute apical abscesses are serious endodontic diseases resulting from pulpal infection with opportunistic oral microorganisms. The objective of this study was to identify and compare the oral microbiota in patients (N=18) exhibiting acute apical abscesses, originating from the demographic region in Portland, Oregon. The study(More)
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