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The development of experimental microsurgery can be considered the natural evolution of a diffuse need to increase precision in many fields of surgery. Microsurgery accelerated the possibility of deepening many unclear aspects of pathophysiology, using miniaturized and reproducible experimental models. We report briefly on the fundamental principles of(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma of the kidney and urinary tract is not rare in emergency surgery and the related treatment needs today high competence and interdisciplinary approach. Aim of the study was to analyze the personal experience in order to find differences in the treatment during the last years especially for trauma of the kidney. METHODS The authors report(More)
We report an exceptional misplacement of a central venous catheter, from the right jugular vein where it was introduced, into the right thyro-lingual-facial trunk. A brief description of the clinical course and a literature review on catheter misplacement is presented. This case illustrates the importance of routine use of a chest X-ray, and when necessary(More)
Splenic abscess is rare and may be present either as a localized area in the spleen or as part of a generalized sepsis. A 35 year old man presented with a two month history of anorexia, weight loss, fever, abdominal pain and arthralgia. Multiple abscesses localized in the spleen were diagnosed by CT and splenectomy was performed.
Surgical wound suture is often considered of minor importance compared to the whole surgical operation. The aesthetical result of a wound suture is still hardly considered in general surgical practice compared to other "traditional" wound sutures. The Authors carried a prospective study an 201 intradermal absorbable sutures in clean general surgery. The(More)
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