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The structure of human fibroblasts have been characterised in vitro by atomic force microscopy (AFM) operated in the imaging or in the force versus distance (F-d) modes. The choice of cell substrate is important to ensure good adhesion. Of greater significance in the context of AFM analysis, is the observation that the substrate affects the imaging(More)
A randomized trial was undertaken to compare the biofragmental anastomotic ring (BAR) with conventional intraperitoneal colorectal anastomotic techniques. Patients were randomized into one of two schemes: BAR versus sutured or BAR versus stapled anastomosis. There were 782 patients entered into the study and 283 patients (36%) had a sutured anastomosis, 104(More)
Sutureless colonic anastomosis using a biofragmentable anastomosis ring (BAR) has been evaluated in a prospective randomized comparison with sutures and staples for elective colorectal surgery. One hundred and one patients underwent BAR anastomosis, 85 a sutured anastomosis, and 16 a stapled anastomosis. There were two anastomotic leaks in the patients(More)
Mammography is a highly sensitive and specific technique in the diagnosis of breast cancer, but some tumours show no radiological features of malignancy. A total of 9.3 per cent of 323 consecutive patients with operable breast cancer had negative mammographic reports, and the clinical radiological and pathological findings in these cases are compared with(More)
Preoperative administration of the simple bile salt sodium deoxycholate has been shown in this study to prevent postoperative endotoxaemia and renal failure in patients with obstructive jaundice. Fifty-four per cent of jaundiced patients not given the salt were found to have systemic endotoxaemia, associated with renal impairment in two-thirds of the cases.(More)
The corpus callosum was sectioned in groups of rats 3, 12, and 24 months of age, and the auditory cortex was examined three months later to determine whether there were age-related differences in the morphological response to the partial deafferentation. Material from the three groups of long-term callosally-lesioned rats were compared with three groups of(More)
Surgical treatment for the relief of obstructive jaundice is still complicated by postoperative acute renal failure in almost 10 per cent of patients. Renal failure in the patient with jaundice is associated with the presence of bacterial endotoxin in the peripheral blood, and enteric endotoxin absorption is facilitated by the absence of bile salts from the(More)
Biomolecules in a confined solution environment may be subject to electrostatic forces with a range up to 100 nm, while van der Waals interaction will account for shorter-range forces. The response of two model poly(amino acids)--poly-L-lysine and poly-L-glutamic acid--has been investigated for a silica/Si-oxide surface at pH 6. The model amino acids were(More)
The role of preoperative lactulose and bile salts in the prevention of postoperative renal failure in patients with obstructive jaundice has been evaluated in a prospective randomized trial. One hundred and two patients undergoing surgery for obstructive jaundice (bilirubin greater than 100 mumols/l) were randomized into three groups: those receiving(More)