C. C. Wei

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The 5'-cap and the poly(A) tail act synergistically to increase the translational efficiency of eukaryotic mRNAs, which suggests that these two mRNA elements communicate during translation. We report here that the cap-associated eukaryotic initiation factors (eIFs), i. e. the two isoforms of the cap-binding complex (eIF-4F and eIF-iso4F) and eIF-4B, bind to(More)
Changes in either plasma sodium concentration or arterial pressure can differentially affect hypothalamic neurons. For instance, increases in plasma NaCl concentration decrease noradrenaline release from nerve terminals in the anterior hypothalamic nucleus, while increases in arterial pressure unrelated to an elevation in plasma NaCl enhance noradrenaline(More)
Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1), an incurable, neuromuscular disease, is caused by the expansion of CTG repeats within the 3' UTR of DMPK on chromosome 19q. In DM1 patients, mutant DMPK transcripts deregulate RNA metabolism by altering CUG RNA-binding proteins. Several approaches have been proposed for DM1 therapy focused on specific degradation of the(More)
OBJECTIVES The present study examined the associations between pretreatment role expectations, working alliance, and therapy outcome. A mediational model was hypothesized wherein the therapeutic alliance mediates the relationship between clients' pretreatment role expectations and psychotherapy outcome. METHOD Sixty-eight clients completed the(More)
  • Nan-Wei Chen, Jin-Wei Shi, Hsuan-Ju Tsai, Jhih-Min Wun, Fong-Ming Kuo, Jeffery Hesler +132 others
  • 2012
A 25 Gbits/s error-free on-off-keying (OOK) wireless link between an ultra high-speed W-band photonic transmitter-mixer (PTM) and a fast W-band envelope detector is demonstrated. At the transmission end, the high-speed PTM is developed with an active near-ballistic uni-traveling carrier photodiode (NBUTC-PD) integrated with broadband front-end circuitry via(More)
A precision measurement by AMS of the antiproton flux and the antiproton-to-proton flux ratio in primary cosmic rays in the absolute rigidity range from 1 to 450 GV is presented based on 3.49×10^{5} antiproton events and 2.42×10^{9} proton events. The fluxes and flux ratios of charged elementary particles in cosmic rays are also presented. In the absolute(More)
Prior research has shown that performance on cognitive tasks can be influenced by expectations (Smith & Sullivan, 2003 ; Suhr & Gunstad, 2002 , 2005 ). The current study examined whether cuing a belief about the diagnostic saliency of a cognitive task among young adults who expressed concern about having attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)(More)
The increasing number of haemopoietic stem cell transplantations (HSCT) taking place worldwide has offered a cure to many high risk childhood malignancies with an otherwise very poor prognosis. However, HSCT is associated with an increased risk of morbidity and premature death, and patients who have survived the acute complications continue to face lifelong(More)
This research identified psychosocial correlates of motivation to change in adolescents being discharged from residential treatment for substance use disorders. Using a naturalistic longitudinal design, adolescents in a residential treatment program in southeast Ohio were assessed at intake and discharge using self-administered questionnaires. Surveys(More)