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Algorithms which construct classifiers from sample data-such as neural networks, radial basis functions, and decision trees-have attracted growing attention for their wide applicability. Pattern Recognition are continually introducing (or rediscovering) induction methods, and often publishing implementing code. It is natural for practitioners and potential(More)
MOTIVATION The large-scale comparison of protein-ligand binding sites is problematic, in that measures of structural similarity are difficult to quantify and are not easily understood in terms of statistical similarity that can ultimately be related to structure and function. We present a binding site matching score the Poisson Index (PI) based upon a(More)
Kernel density estimation is a commonly used approach to classification. However, most of the theoretical results for kernel methods apply to estimation per se and not necessarily to classification. In this paper we show that when estimating the difference between two densities, the optimal smoothing parameters are increasing functions of the sample size of(More)
In this paper we present a graphical tool useful for visualizing the cyclic behaviour of bivariate time series. We investigate its properties and link it to the asymmetry of the two variables concerned. We also suggest adding approximate confidence bounds to the points on the plot and investigate the effect of lagging to the chain plot. We conclude our(More)
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