C. C. T. Lim

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Atypical and malignant meningiomas are uncommon tumors with aggressive behavior and higher mortality, morbidity, and recurrence compared with benign tumors. We investigated the utility of diffusion-weighted (DW) MR imaging to differentiate atypical/malignant from benign meningiomas and to detect histologic dedifferentiation to higher(More)
SUMMARY We applied regional perfusion imaging (RPI), a new arterial spin-labeling MR imaging method that selectively studies regions of the brain perfused by individual carotid and basilar arteries. In a patient with cerebrovascular disease, RPI showed cerebral tissue perfused by pial collateral vessels, thereby demonstrating the relationship between(More)
The assessment of tissue perfusion by dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) imaging involves a deconvolution process. For analysis of DCE imaging data, we implemented a regression approach to select appropriate regularization parameters for deconvolution using the standard and generalized singular value decomposition methods. Monte Carlo simulation experiments(More)
The Nipah virus is a newly identified paramyxovirus responsible for an outbreak of fatal encephalitis in Malaysia and Singapore. This paper reports the follow up clinical and magnetic resonance imaging findings in 22 affected subjects. Of 13 patients with encephalitis, one died, one was lost to follow up, and seven recovered. Among the four remaining(More)
In vivo proton MR spectroscopy ((1)H-MRS) can non-invasively provide biochemical information at the same examination as conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Lipid resonance (0.9-1.5 ppm) is a marker of cell membrane breakdown and tissue necrosis, but its diagnostic significance has not been well described. We retrospectively analyzed spectra to(More)
Independent component analysis (ICA) was applied on dynamic contrast-enhanced computed tomography images of cerebral tumours to extract spatial component maps of the underlying vascular structures, which correspond to different haemodynamic phases as depicted by the passage of the contrast medium. The locations of arteries, veins and tumours can be(More)
We describe MR spectroscopy in 2 patients with frontal sinus mucoceles that showed a dominant metabolite peak at 2.0-ppm chemical shift, simulating N-acetylaspartate (NAA) of normal neuronal tissue. In vitro analysis of postsurgical mucocele samples confirmed that the signal at 2.0 ppm was arising from the methyl moiety of an N-acetyl compound. This is(More)
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