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Monte Carlo simulation studies of the translocation of homopolymers of length N driven through a channel have been performed. We find that the translocation time tau depends on temperature in a nontrivial way. For temperatures below some critical temperature theta(c), tau approximately T-1.4, whereas for T>theta(c), tau increases with temperature. The low(More)
It is shown that the forest-fire model of Bak et al. run on a square lattice network with additional long-range interactions in the spirit of a small-world network results in a scale-free system reminiscent of self-organized criticality without recourse to fine tuning. As the number of these long-range interactions is increased, the cluster size(More)
We show that Langevin dynamics can be used to obtain force-extension curves for a single polymer chain under varying solvent conditions. We find that the chains obey Hooke-type and Pincus regime behavior for Theta and good solvents. However, in poor solvents a coil-strand coexistence is observed in the equilibrium state and this leads to a quite different(More)
Multiresolution wavelet analysis has been used to study the heart rate variability in two classes of patients with different pathological conditions. The scale dependent measure of Thurner et al. was found to be statistically significant in discriminating patients suffering from hypercardiomyopathy from a control set of normal subjects. We have performed(More)
We have carried out molecular dynamics simulations using NAMD to study the diffusivity of Na and Cl ions across a POPC lipid bilayer membrane. We show that an imbalance of positively and negatively charged ions on either side of the membrane leads to the diffusion of ions and water molecules. We considered the cases of both weak and very strong charge(More)
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