C. C. M. Rindt

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Magnesium chloride hydrates are characterized as promising energy storage materials in the built-environment. During the dehydration of these materials, there are chances for the release of harmful HCl gas, which can potentially damage the material as well as the equipment. Hydrolysis reactions in magnesium chloride hydrates are subject of study for(More)
Parameterization of a molecular dynamics force field is essential in realistically modeling the physicochemical processes involved in a molecular system. This step is often challenging when the equations involved in describing the force field are complicated as well as when the parameters are mostly empirical. ReaxFF is one such reactive force field which(More)
Outline • Background • O bjectives and strategy • Integral thermodynamical analysis • FVM analysis: mathematical model • FVM analysis: status and outstanding tasks Background • Loop Heat Pipe: thermal control of Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer used for extra-terrestrial studies on anti-matter (see UNIBG-talk) • Bypass valve: prevent freezing of working fluid(More)
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