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This study develops a low-cost very-large-scale-integration (VLSI) hardware architecture for entropy coding with increased throughput using the statistical properties of context-based adaptive variable-length coding (CAVLC) in AVC/H.264. Statistical analyses show that better symbol length prediction was achieved by breaking the recursive dependency among(More)
The traditional consensus-evaluation method determines the solution by fuzzy set, but it cannot treat the negative evidence for membership function. In this paper, we present a new method for consensus measure in the risk assessment process by relaxing many assumptions on existing hesitation situations. A new similarity measure of vague sets is introduced.(More)
This paper reports a new idea-screening method for new product development (NPD) with a group of decision makers having imprecise, inconsistent and uncertain preferences. The traditional NPD analysis method determines the solution using the membership function of the fuzzy set which cannot treat the negative evidence. The advantage of vague sets with the(More)
Generally an opportunistic pathogen in the United States, Moraxella catarrhalis has acquired resistance to multiple antibacterial/antimicrobial agents. Here, we present the complete 1.9-Mb genome of M. catarrhalis strain ATCC 25240, as deposited in NCBI under the accession number CP008804.
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