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This paper presents the design and implementation of the NCTUns 1.0 network simulator, which is a high-fidelity and extensible network simulator capable of simulating both wired and wireless IP networks. By using an enhanced simulation methodology, a new simulation engine architecture , and a distributed and open-system architecture, the NCTUns 1.0 network(More)
NCTUns is a network simulator running on Linux. It has several unique advantages over traditional network simula-tors. This paper presents the novel design and implementation of its simulation engine. This paper focuses on how to combine the kernel re-entering and discrete-event simulation methodologies to execute simulations quickly. The performance and(More)
We present a method for the classification of 2-D partial shapes using Fourier descriptors. We formulate the problem as one of estimating the Fourier descriptors of the unknown complete shape from the observations derived from an arbitrarily rotated and scaled shape with missing segments. The method used for obtaining the estimates of the Fourier(More)
—The IEEE 802.11p/1609 standards specify a suite of communication protocols for vehicular communication networks. A new operational mode, called the WAVE (Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments) mode, is defined to enable communication among high-speed vehicles or between a vehicle and a roadside infrastructure network. In the WAVE mode, a(More)
Recently, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) is becoming an important research topic. One goal of ITS is to exchange information among vehicles in a timely and efficient manner. In the ITS research community, inter-vehicle communications (IVC) is considered a way that may be able to achieve this goal. An information network built on the top of(More)
BACKGROUND Our study used data collected in Chung-Hsing Village in May 1998 to evaluate the prevalence of hypertension and its correlates in Taiwanese elderly people. METHODS All of individuals aged 65 and over were recruited as study subjects. A total of 1,093 persons, out of 1,774 registered residents, were contacted by face-to-face interview The(More)
Our study used data collected at Chung-Shing-Shin-Tseun community in Taiwan in May 1998 to evaluate the relationship between obesity and the cardiovascular and sociodemographic risk factors in elderly people. Individuals aged 65 and over were recruited as study subjects. A total of 1093 persons, out of 1774 registered residents, were contacted in(More)
In the 20th century, flexible yarn was one of the most important discoveries in textile industry. It has characteristics in comfort, wrinkle resistance, elasticity, and good form-fitting. Therefore, the production of flexible fabric has become a focused publication since it was developed. The production processes of the flexible fabric are very complex.(More)
This paper focuses on the issue of hybrid force/position control of the robots with oscillatory base. The purpose of controlling a system is to control the contact force between the environment and object in the constrained directions. The auxiliary control input laws with adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) tuning methodology was(More)