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A multiresolution approach based on a modified wavelet transform called the tree-structured wavelet transform or wavelet packets is proposed. The development of this transform is motivated by the observation that a large class of natural textures can be modeled as quasi-periodic signals whose dominant frequencies are located in the middle frequency(More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) has recently attracted vast research attention from both academia and industry and has become part of new emerging standards for broadband wireless access. Even though the OFDMA concept is simple in its basic principle, the design of a practical OFDMA system is far from being a trivial task.(More)
Visual quality of color images is an important aspect in various applications of digital image processing and multimedia. A large number of visual quality metrics (indices) has been proposed recently. In order to assess their reliability, several databases of color images with various sets of distortions have been exploited. Here we present a new database(More)
This paper describes a recently created image database, TID2013, intended for evaluation of full-reference visual quality assessment metrics. With respect to TID2008, the new database contains a larger number (3000) of test images obtained from 25 reference images, 24 types of distortions for each reference image, and 5 levels for each type of distortion.(More)
The paper considers the task of recognizing environmental sounds for the understanding of a scene or context surrounding an audio sensor. A variety of features have been proposed for audio recognition, including the popular Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCCs) which describe the audio spectral shape. Environmental sounds, such as chirpings of insects(More)
Maximum-likelihood estimation of the carrier frequency offset (CFO), timing error, and channel response of each active user in the uplink of an orthogonal frequency-division multiple-access system is investigated in this study, assuming that a training sequence is available. The exact solution to this problem turns out to be too complex for practical(More)
While current approaches for audiovisual data segmentation and classification are mostly focused on visual cues, audio signals may actually play a more important role in content parsing for many applications. An approach to automatic segmentation and classification of audiovisual data based on audio content analysis is proposed. The audio signal from movies(More)
Visual quality evaluation has numerous uses in practice, and also plays a central role in shaping many visual processing algorithms and systems, as well as their implementation, optimization and testing. In this paper, we give a systematic, comprehensive and up-to-date review of perceptual visual quality metrics (PVQMs) to predict picture quality according(More)
Two approaches for integrating encryption with multimedia compression systems are studied in this research, i.e., selective encryption and modified entropy coders with multiple statistical models. First, we examine the limitations of selective encryption using cryptanalysis, and provide examples that use selective encryption successfully. Two rules to(More)
Analyzing TCP operation over 802.11 multihop ad hoc networks involves a cross-layer study. In this work, we investigate the effect of congestion and MAC contention on the interaction between TCP and on-demand ad hoc routing protocol in the 802.11 ad hoc networks. Our study reveals several problems stemming from lack of coordination and sharing in such(More)