C. C. Hsieh

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Quantitative exposure data in epidemiologic studies are frequently analyzed by ordered categories. Categorization by quantiles can be based on the distribution of (1) cases, (2) noncases, and (3) all subjects. The advantages of the three schemes in determining quantiles were compared. They were found to give the same power regarding a test for trend over a(More)
Out-of-plane polyimide (PI) electromagnetic microactuators with different geometries are designed, fabricated and tested. Fabrication of the electromagnetic microactuators consists of 10 lm thick Ni/Fe (80/20) permalloy deposition on PI diaphragm by electroplating process, electroplating of copper planar coil with 10 lm thick, bulk micromachining, and(More)
In the exposure process of photolithography, a free-form lens is designed and fabricated for UV-LED (Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diode). Thin film metallic glasses (TFMG) are adopted as UV reflection layers to enhance the irradiance and uniformity. The Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) with high transmittance is used as the lens material. The 3-D fast printing is(More)
Two new urethane-based acrylates (UAA and PEG-UAA) were synthesized as polymer blocks. The chemical composition of the two monomers was confirmed by IR and NMR. After cross-linking these blockers by radical polymerization, "hexamethylene PU" [poly(hexamethylene-urethane)] and "PEG-hexamethylene PU" [PEG-poly(hexa-methylene-urethane)] were obtained. The(More)
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