C. C. Hsieh

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In a hospital-based case-control study of endometrial cancer undertaken in Athens (1992-94), 145 women residents of Greater Athens with confirmed cancer of the endometrium were compared with 298 control patients with orthopaedic diseases. Personal interviews were conducted in the hospital setting, and diet was assessed using a validated semiquantitative(More)
Quantitative exposure data in epidemiologic studies are frequently analyzed by ordered categories. Categorization by quantiles can be based on the distribution of (1) cases, (2) noncases, and (3) all subjects. The advantages of the three schemes in determining quantiles were compared. They were found to give the same power regarding a test for trend over a(More)
Breast cancer incidence and birth weight are higher among Caucasian than Asian women, and birth size has been positively associated with breast cancer risk. Pregnancy hormone levels, however, have been generally lower in Caucasian than Asian women. We studied components of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) system in cord blood from 92 singleton babies(More)
Recent research suggests that intrauterine exposures, perhaps factors that influence birth weight and other indicators of fetal growth, may affect future breast cancer risk. Because birth weight shows seasonal variation in Sweden, we assessed whether risk for breast cancer is associated with month of birth. The analyses included all 115,670 women, born(More)
The causation of breast cancer in certain strains of mice by a virus that can be transmitted vertically, through the milk produced during lactation, has led to the hypothesis that a similar phenomenon could exist in humans. There have been laboratory-based studies in humans suggesting that a virus may be involved in the etiology of female breast cancer(More)
Serine/threonine kinase 31 (STK31) is one of the novel cancer/testis antigens for which its biological functions remain largely unclear. Here, we demonstrate that STK31 is overexpressed in many human colorectal cancer cell lines and tissues. STK31 co-localizes with pericentrin in the centrosomal region throughout all phases of the cell cycle. Interestingly,(More)
(1994) The Heregulin gene can be included in the 8p12 amplification unit in breast cancer. (1998) Chromosome 8p11-p12 region: refined mapping and molecular alterations in breast cancer. (2000) Translocation and coamplification of loci from chromosome arms 8p and 11q in the MDA-MB-175 mammary carcinoma cell line. (2000) Anti-HER2 antibody and heregulin(More)
Out-of-plane polyimide (PI) electromagnetic microactuators with different geometries are designed, fabricated and tested. Fabrication of the electromagnetic microactuators consists of 10 lm thick Ni/Fe (80/20) permalloy deposition on PI diaphragm by electroplating process, electroplating of copper planar coil with 10 lm thick, bulk micromachining, and(More)
In the exposure process of photolithography, a free-form lens is designed and fabricated for UV-LED (Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diode). Thin film metallic glasses (TFMG) are adopted as UV reflection layers to enhance the irradiance and uniformity. The Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) with high transmittance is used as the lens material. The 3-D fast printing is(More)