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BACKGROUND The long-term use of methamphetamine (MAMP) can result in psychosis but it is not clear why some individuals develop psychotic symptoms, while others use MAMP regularly over long periods and remain unscathed. We set out to characterize MAMP users and to examine the relationship of pre-morbid personality, pre-morbid social function and other(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Metabolites in pyogenic brain abscesses, as detected with in vivo proton MR spectroscopy, are different from those found in brain and can help differentiate pyogenic brain abscesses from necrotic neoplasms. We compared the findings of in vivo with those of in vitro MR spectroscopy and categorized the MR spectral patterns with respect(More)
requirement on S-CDMA technique can be relaxed significantly. Although the added coherent clipping carrier provides an excellent OBI suppression capability and a large system DR, it consumes a significant amount of R F driving power to laser A. Conversely, it is conjectured that the clipping carrier can suppress OBI more effectively than the S-CDMA signal.(More)
Chest radiography, CT, and MR imaging were performed in a 3-year-old girl who had posterior mediastinal fibromatosis with transforaminal intraspinal and chest wall extension. Chest radiographs and CT scans showed a slow-growing, noncalcified but locally aggressive left paravertebral mass. The mass was slightly hyperintense relative to muscle on both(More)
Near-field optical disk drives represent a novel technique for optical data recording, so as to achieve large storage density and capacity. Since the pickup head is very close to the optical disk, air bearing disturbance has significant effect on flying height control. The effect is not constant and dependent on various parameters. The previous method can(More)
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