C. C. Green

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The results of the pathologic and toxicologic examinations of specimens from a casualty who died several weeks after a chemical attack in Kampuchea are discussed. While the effects of tricothecene mycotoxins have been described in domestic and experimental animals, there is a paucity of information about the pathologic effects of these toxins in humans. The(More)
Several countries, including the United States, have agreed to destroy stockpiled chemical warfare agents in accordance with the Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty of 1993. Sarin is one of many chemical warfare agents (CWA) designated for destruction. In the event of an accident during incineration, sarin or its decomposition products have the potential to(More)
Fluctuating asymmetry (FA; small, random differences between the left and right sides of a bilateral character) has been related to embryological stress during development. Some populations exhibit positive relations between FA and exposure to toxicants during development. The United States has agreed to demilitarize chemical warfare agents in accordance(More)
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