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This paper deals with the robust stability of a class of cellular neural networks (CNNs) with norm-bounded uncertainties and multiple state delays. Applying Lyapunov function method and the properties of the linear matrix inequality, a criterion for the global asymptotic stability and uniqueness of the equilibrium point of uncertain cellular neural networks(More)
This paper deals with delay-dependent robust stability criteria for systems with time-varying structured uncertainties and multiple time-varying state delays. New delay-dependent stability criteria are devised by taking the relationship between the terms in the Leibniz-Newton formula into account. Since free weighting matrices are used to express this(More)
This paper considers robust stabilization for interval neutral nonlinear time-invariant large scale system with multiple delays. Under the assumptions that the nonlinear parts are norm bounded, the sufficient conditions for robust stability are derived via the method of Lyapunov decomposition. The formulae for estimating the interval length and time-delay(More)
The problem of the fuzzy H<sub>&#x0221E;</sub> state feedback control for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems with time-varying input and multiple state delays is addressed in this paper. The Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) model with time-delay and parameter uncertainties is adopted for modelling nonlinear systems. Using PDC method and Lyapunov functional method,(More)
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