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Several aspects of Mg2+ homeostasis were investigated in cultured chicken heart cells using the fluorescent Mg2+ indicator, FURAPTRA. The concentration of cytosolic Mg2+ ([Mg2+]i) is 0.48 +/- 0.03 mM (n = 31). To test whether a putative Na/Mg exchange mechanism controls [Mg2+]i below electrochemical equilibrium, we manipulated the Na+ gradient and assessed(More)
The effect of anoxia and substrate removal on cytosolic free calcium (Ca2+i), cell calcium, ATP content, and calcium efflux was determined in cultured monkey kidney cells (LLC-MK2) exposed to 95% N2, 5% CO2 for 60 min. In the control period, the basal Ca2+i level was 70.8 +/- 9.4 nM. During 1 h of anoxia without substrate, ATP content decreased 70%, Ca2+i(More)
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