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Higher rostral anterior cingulate cortex (rACC) activity correlated with frontal theta power (frontalθ) is associated with better antidepressant responses. The antidepressant efficacy of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) varied widely; however, the effects of TMS might be modulated by manipulating the pretreatment neural states. Therefore,(More)
BACKGROUND Previous cross-sectional studies have suggested a comorbid association between atopic dermatitis (AD) and depressive disorder as well as anxiety disorders, but the temporal relationship was not determined. METHODS Using the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database, 8208 AD patients aged 12 and older without psychiatric history and(More)
In this paper we address the problem of drawing planar graphs with circular arcs while maintaining good angular resolution and small drawing area. We present a lower bound on the area of drawings in which edges are drawn using exactly one circular arc. We also give an algorithm for drawing n-vertex planar graphs such that the edges are sequences of two(More)
Abl tyrosine kinase (Abl) regulates axon guidance by modulating actin dynamics. Abelson interacting protein (Abi), originally identified as a kinase substrate of Abl, also plays a key role in actin dynamics, yet its role with respect to Abl in the developing nervous system remains unclear. Here we show that mutations in abi disrupt axonal patterning in the(More)
In this study, we propose a novel design of the wearable digital sensor, embedded within a monitoring suit for posture monitoring. Our studies are going to solve wearable monitoring systems' drawbacks, include non-washable, uncomfortable, and high power -consumption due to complex signal processing. There are two digital sensor designs, dome shape type and(More)
The objective of this research is to develop an intelligent fabric retrieval system using computer-based Kansei algorithms to assist fashion designers in designing costume textiles, as well as to help consumers find their preferred textile samples quickly and efficiently. The fabric retrieval system, based on human psychological Kansei and perception, can(More)
BACKGROUND Even during symptomatic remission, many patients with medication resistant depression (MRD) still demonstrate impaired cognitive function, especially executive function (EF). Theta-burst transcranial magnetic stimulation (TBS) modulates cortical excitability and may treat MRD. Evidences from previous studies show that intermittent TBS (iTBS)(More)