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Nitrification was measured in five different soils (slate alluvial soil, sandstone shale alluvial soil, sandstone shale and slate alluvial soil, red soil, and Taiwan clay). In these soils different lag periods were recorded before the onset of nitrification. Nitrifying activity was highest in sandstone shale alluvial soil and the lowest in acidic red soil.(More)
Samples of alluvial soil from mixed sandstone shale and slate and of Taiwan clay were collected from two sites, both managed under a similar crop rotation scheme. The fields were further divided into sections which were managed under either conventional farming or sustainable farming practices. When the soil samples were collected in April 1989, after 1(More)
Six fast-growing soybean rhizobia (Rhizobium fredii) and thirteen slow-growing soybean rhizobia (Bradyrhizobium japonicum) were examined for resistance to 10 antibiotics. Axenic studies were carried out to determine the competitiveness of dual-strain inocula consisting of fast- and slow-growing rhizobia isolated from subtropical-tropical soils for nodule(More)
Field experiments were carried out to determine the effects of single and mixed inoculations with Rhizobium and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM) on nodulation, symbiotic N2 fixation and yield of soybeans in six Taiwan subtropical-tropical sites. Inoculation with Rhizobium alone significantly increased nodulation, nodule weight and nitrogenase activity(More)
Physiological and symbiotic characteristics were identified in Rhizobium fredii isolated from subtropical-tropical soils. The generation times of R. fredii Taiwan isolated-SB 357 and -SB 682 were 1.7 and 2.5 h, respectively. These strains were associated with acid production in yeast-extract mannitol medium. They were able to use hexoses, pentose, sucrose,(More)
In this paper, the influence of the haze ratio and antireflection properties of the thin film solar cell with a periodic texture is theoretical investigated. Two different cases, Case 1 and Case 2, are compared. Case 1 shows an extremely high haze ratio of 97.4% while Case 2 shows a low reflectance of 0.3%. For the thickness of the a-Si:H layer is(More)
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