C. Bryce

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Progress in microprocessor and communication system technology is leading to the emergence of new large scale distributed architectures whose power increases proportionally to the number of processor elements. Such architectures support execution of traditional distributed applications based on the client-server paradigm as well as parallel applications.(More)
We give a formal deenition of the notion of information ow for a simple guarded command language. We propose an axiomatisation of security properties based on this notion of information ow and we prove its soundness with respect to the operational semantics of the language. We then identify the sources of non determinism in proofs and we derive in(More)
This first session focused on one of the most challenging research tracks in distributed operating systems : naming and finding information. Recent advances in storage and network technology have made large scale distributed databases a reality. The major problem is now to invent new paradigms for structuring these wide area distributed systems in order to(More)
This deliverable reports on the validation results obtained after an evaluation of the SECURE project's trust-based security model. The first step of the evaluation is the definition of validation criteria for the SECURE model. Trust-based security frameworks are increasingly popular, yet few evaluations have been conducted. As a result, no guidelines or(More)
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