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Several characteristics help distinguish MPI in the workplace from illness outbreaks due to physical causes: no laboratory or physical findings confirming an specific organic cause evidence of specific physical or psychological stressors victims are mostly women and those of lower socioeconomic status in the workplace hyperventilation-type symptoms are(More)
The clinical ecology subculture, like earlier medical subcultures, is the product of patient concerns that the medical establishment cannot allay by treatment or by reassurance. For social and behavioral scientists, it represents a "natural" experiment that can be studied. For those physicians who believe that clinical ecology is without scientific basis(More)
There is ample evidence that some forms of depression can be caused or aggravated by work. The relationship of work and chronic fatigue syndrome is questionable, but elements at work can aggravate the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. The role of physicians who can support or discourage beliefs about physical illness is all important, both by what they(More)
Workers' compensation laws provide death benefits for the survivors of those who commit suicide as a result of a work-incurred physical or psychological injury. A study of claims resulting from suicidal acts reveals that included in the indicted work conditions were sudden changes in organization, conflict of loyalties resulting from work change, reactions(More)
The above examples illustrate the complex of biologic, psychological, and social factors that result in a fitness for duty referral. Workplace needs set the tolerance limits within which the worker must operate. They are different for a police officer, for a correctional officer, for a schoolteacher, and for a school custodian. Tolerance limits are affected(More)
Chemically amplified resists provide some trade-off between resolution and amplification. While it is necessary for a single photogenerated acid to be mobile enough to cause several deprotection reactions, this inevitably leads to some linewidth spread. An acid molecule mobile enough to travel to several reaction sites is also mobile enough to move into(More)