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at JPL Hari Das, Tim Ohm, Curtis Boswell, Rob Steele, Guillenno Rodriguez Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA Abstract A team of engineers at JPL, working in collaboration with MicroDexterity Systems, f ic and Dr. Steve Charles, recently developed a telerobotic workstation to assist microsurgeons perform(More)
The nursing profession is invariably resorting to the use of models to depict the key facets and relationships that are being uncovered through research. The expert systems approach to model validation incorporates into research methods a process authenticated by the disciplines of engineering and information systems. The seven-step process developed for a(More)
The engineering details of the Robot Assisted Microsurgery (RAMS) telerobotic system designed to assist microsurgeons improve the precision and dexterity with which they can position surgical instruments is described in this paper. This work is the result of a collaboration between NASA/JPL and MicroDexterity Systems, Inc. Prototypes developed have been(More)
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