C. Bohr

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Understanding the neurobiological processes that contribute to the establishment and expression of stress-induced regulation of cocaine use in addicted individuals is important for the development of new and better treatment approaches. It has been previously shown that rats self-administering cocaine under long-access conditions (6 h daily) display(More)
We present an advanced version of our robotic setup for paranasal sinus surgery that was developed at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery in Erlangen, Germany. The system was interconnected with a redundant navigation system for increasing intraoperative safety while performing telemanipulatory as well as fully automated(More)
Cocaine addiction is characterized by a persistently heightened susceptibility to drug relapse. For this reason, the identification of medications that prevent drug relapse is a critical goal of drug abuse research. Drug re-exposure, the onset of stressful life events, and exposure to cues previously associated with drug use have been identified as(More)
BACKGROUND Following surgical repair of cleft lip and palate, hearing and speech and language development are important issues for the continued care of affected childhood and adolescent patients. Therefore, PEAKS (Program for Evaluation and Analysis of all Kinds of Speech Disorders) was developed in order to rate speech intelligibility automatically and(More)
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