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The QBIC project at IBM's Almaden Research Center is studying methods to query large on-line image databases using the images' content as the basis of the queries. Examples of the content include color, color layout, texture, shape, size, orientation, and position of image objects and regions. We have developed an AIX prototype, WWW QBIC server with WWW(More)
Two experiments were conducted with male and female university students in an attempt to establish whether syntactically ambiguous words are better represented by independent lexical entries for each syntactic context in which the items occur, or whether the different usages could be adequately represented by single entries. Both experiments were attempts(More)
This paper investigates the problem of determining when an infinite player game can be partitioned into countably many stable coalitions. An example is given of a superadditive scalar measure game for which this is not possible and several positive results are presented. The final section of the paper takes up the problem of when a process of successive(More)
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