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Mining high utility item sets from a transactional database refers to the discovery of item sets with high utility. Previous algorithm such as Apriori and Fp-Growth incurs the problem of producing a large number of candidate item sets for high utility item sets. Such large number of candidate item sets degrades the mining performance in terms of execution(More)
Network on Chip (NOC) approach has appeared as a solution for on-chip communications to allow integrating various processors and on-chip memories into a single chip. During the field operation of NOC, the latent hard faults technologically advanced in First In First Out buffers (FIFO). By using on line test techniques, that faults have been spotted. In this(More)
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) have become ubiquitous in revolution of computing as they are suitable for on demand communication scenarios. However, they are vulnerable to attacks due to their multi-hop, dynamic, mobility and resource constrained nature. It is the most sensitive issue faced by MANETs. Especially, it is so in the absence of key management(More)
Present day technology uses many types of multipliers such as Array multiplier, Column and Row Bypassing multiplier. Those multipliers consume more power and occupyan extra area because of its number of blocks. Reducing power dissipation is one of the most critical issues in very large scale integration design today. A sub threshold leakage current plays a(More)
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