C Besse-Schmittler

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A genome-wide search was conducted in 107 nuclear families with at least two siblings with asthma, as part of the French EGEA study. A two-stage analysis strategy was applied to the 107 families divided into two independent subsets of 46 and 61 families, where all regions detected in the first set of families were tested for replication in the second set.(More)
It is generally believed that an early age at the onset of disease is associated with a stronger genetic component. Our aim here was to investigate both linkage and genetic heterogeneity of asthma, the latter corresponding to different genotype relative risks of a putative linked gene according to age at onset of asthma. This analysis was conducted in 107(More)
Using the sample of 107 families with at least two asthmatic siblings, as part of the EGEA study, we have investigated linkage to asthma (or atopy) and genetic heterogeneity according to the presence/absence of atopy (or asthma) using two approaches: (1) the triangle test statistic (TTS), which considers the identical by descent (IBD) distribution among(More)
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