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OBJECTIVES Megacalycosis or Puigvert's disease is a clinical entity characterized by dilatation of all renal calyces without dilatation of the renal pelvis or ureter in the absence of any obstructive factor. To date, its pathogenesis remains unclear. The rarity of this disease and the importance of making a correct differential diagnosis prompted us to(More)
OBJECTIVE The genitourinary tract is one of the most common sites of extrapulmonary tuberculosis (30%-33%), followed by the lymphatic tissue, skeletal system and gut. Due to the diagnostic methods and therapeutic modalities currently available, it is infrequent to find advanced tuberculosis with extensive genitourinary involvement. METHODS/RESULTS Herein(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the history, development, indications and current methods of percutaneous renal lithotripsy. METHODS The history and development of PNL is briefly reviewed. Its indications are analyzed, starting with large calculi and covering all the indications over the last 15 years of development of this technique and its current use. The PNL(More)
OBJECTIVE This report underscores the higher risk of testicular cancer in cryptorchidism. METHODS/RESULTS A patient undergoing evaluation for sterility, who was submitted to orchidopexy 15 years earlier for cryptorchidism, developed a seminoma-like tumor one year following a testicular biopsy that was compatible with testicular atrophy, but with no signs(More)
OBJECTIVE Genitourinary tract involvement arising from non-Hodgkin lymphoma occurs in 10% of patients; prostatic infiltration is uncommon and accounts for less than 0.1%. The uncommon clinical onset of this infrequent condition prompted us to report on the present case. METHODS/RESULTS A 41-year-old male patient with lower urinary tract outflow(More)
OBJECTIVE Renal haematomas after extracorporeal shockwave lithotrity are an immediate and potentially serious complication. The incidence of post-ESWL renal haematoma with the new Siemens' Lithostar Multiline lithotripter is analyzed in an attempt to know its occurrence, predisposing factors and presentations signs and symptoms. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
The aim of this study was to review the current situation of penile prostheses in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and to analyze the indications, degree of acceptability and complications in our experience. From 1987 to 1993, 35 implants were inserted in men suffering from impotence due to different etiologies. The mean age was 54 years and the mean(More)
Von Hippel Lindau disease is a highly uncommon autosomic dominant condition characterised by the presence of cerebellar hemangioblastomas, retina angioma, pancreas, kidney and epididymal cysts, and renal cells carcinoma. This article describes the case report of a male patient with Von Hippel Lindau disease which presented as a jaundice secondary to biliary(More)
OBJECTIVES Ureteral calculi are usually small and arise from the kidney. The term 'giant' has been applied to ureteral stones that are more than 5 cms in length and/or 50 gms or more in weight. The low incidence of this condition prompted us to report this case. METHODS/RESULTS Herein we describe a patient with multiple giant ureteral calculi with no(More)