C. Benjangkaprasert

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This paper presents the technique for increasing bandwidth of rectangular patch antenna from 0.88 GHz (7.76 - 8.64 GHz) to 6.75 GHz (3.49 - 10.24 GHz). This technique use inset feed patch antenna with modified ground plane for achieved widest bandwidth. We will propose three types of rectangular patch antenna: the simple rectangular patch fed by microstrip(More)
In this paper, a new class of a variable step-size algorithm for a second-order lattice form structure adaptive IIR notch filter for detection of sinusoids in noise environments is presented. The proposed algorithm is adjusting two variable coefficients of the adaptive IIR notch filter: one is variable notch frequency and the other is variable notch(More)
This paper presents a new variable step-size algorithm on soft output adaptive decision feedback equalizer for turbo coded direct-sequence code division multiple access (DS/CDMA) systems. The proposed adaptive equalizer utilizes a performance of the system or by means of bit error rate to control the adaptation process of the equalizer and the new structure(More)
This paper presents microstrip-fed slot antenna with rectangular-shaped tuning stub for WLAN application. The characteristics of antenna are proposed and analyzed for instance return loss, bandwidth, and far field radiation patterns. The measured results of the impedance matching for the proposed antenna show the impedance bandwidth, determined by -10 dB(More)
In this paper, the design consideration for right-hand (clockwise) and left-hand (counterclockwise) circularly polarized microstrip slot antennas are presented. The circularly polarized antenna consists of two right angle slot antennas that is two orthogonal modes in phase quadrature or an array of linearly polarized slot with proper orientations and(More)
An adaptive echo canceller based on adaptive IIR notch filter with unbiased plain gradient algorithm is proposed, for the echo cancellation in telephone network. The unbiased plain gradient algorithm employs the bias removal techniques to remove the bias existing in the estimated parameter, resulting in obtaining good estimate of parameter for the echo(More)
In this paper proposes an addition of a variable step-size modified memoryless nonlinear gradient (MNG) algorithm for a second-order adaptive IIR notch filter for detection of sinusoids in noise environment. The structure of the adaptive IIR notch filter is based on direct form structure and lattice form structure. The objective of variable step-size (VSS)(More)
In this paper proposes an adaptive equalizer using Laguerre transversal filter and a RLS algorithm for adaptation in DS-CDMA mobile communication systems. The Laguerre structure is compromise between the FIR and IIR structures, since the Laguerre structure is always stable. We also analyze the Bit Error Rate (BER) performance of the proposed equalizer and(More)