C. Bendjaballah

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Numerical results on the performance of quantum amplifiers in an optical communication system show that because of the spontaneous emission, the probability of error is not improved by the introduction of such devices. It is also concluded that nonlinearity, which is known to reduce the relative fluctuations, will not help to enhance the probability of(More)
The fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) for quasi-periodic Bloch functions is studied. An isomorphism between square-integrable functions on the real line and quasi-periodic Bloch functions is used to extend existing work on the fractional Fourier transform for the former functions to the latter. The properties of the FRFT for quasi-periodic Bloch functions(More)
For optical channels transmitting signals of weak power, several information criteria, such as the channel capacity, the cutoff rate and the rate distortion, are analyzed. These performances are calculated for various formats of modulation and for systems that include optical amplifiers and utilize photon-counting receivers. Comparison with the results that(More)
A point process can be fully described by its coincidence probabilities but the expressions giving counting and life time statistics in terms of coincidence are so complicated that they cannot be used practically. However an analysis limited to bicoincidence yields already important properties of the time behavior of point processes. In particular it(More)