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The application of Cellular Automata to the problem of robot path planning is presented. It is shown that a Cellular Automata allows the efficient computation of an optimal collision free path from an initial to a goal configuration on a physical space cluttered with obstacles. The cellular space represents a discrete version of the workspace for a mobile(More)
This paper discusses the nuances of lifecycle validation implementation at contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). Much has already been written on the general implementation of best practices for lifecycle validation, including the elements of Quality by Design (QbD). CMOs have unique considerations for lifecycle validation implementation, however.(More)
have been studied for weekly prophylaxis, but results from phase 3 trials are available only for 2 of them: nonacog beta pegol and rFIXFc. In the phase 3 trial reported by Collins et al, weekly prophylaxis with 10 and 40 IU/kg and on-demand treatment with nonacog beta pegol were assessed in patients with severe hemophilia B. Many aspects of this new(More)
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