C Becerril-García

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The goal of this study was to demonstrate the participation in cellular damage of a Trichomonas vaginalis proteinase with a molecular mass of 65 kDa (CP65). By two dimensional gelatin-gel electrophoresis of trichomonad proteins we detected four spots with proteolytic activity on the 65 kDa region, but only one, pI 7.2, binds to the HeLa cell surface. By(More)
We describe here the participation of a Trichomonas vaginalis 30-kDa proteinase (CP30) with affinity to the HeLa cell surface in attachment of this parasite to host epithelial cells. The CP30 band is a cysteine proteinase because its activity was inhibited by E-64, a thiol proteinase inhibitor. In two-dimensional substrate gel electrophoresis of total(More)
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