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We compute the static self-energy of SU(3) gauge theory in four spacetime dimensions to order α20 in the strong coupling constant α. We employ lattice regularization to enable a numerical simulation within the framework of stochastic perturbation theory. We find perfect agreement with the factorial growth of high order coefficients predicted by the(More)
Analogy making is a highly sophisticated task and requires intelligence, since analogous patterns in two given stimuli are often not obvious and require a certain conceptualization. In this paper, we investigate solution strategies for ambiguous proportional geometric analogies. We constructed different analogies which were varied in such a way that they(More)
We determine the nonperturbative gluon condensate of four-dimensional SU(3) gauge theory in a model-independent way. This is achieved by carefully subtracting high-order perturbation theory results from nonperturbative lattice QCD determinations of the average plaquette. No indications of dimension-two condensates are found. The value of the gluon(More)
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