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Tagged magnetic resonance imaging is a specially developed technique to noninvasively assess contractile function of the heart. Several methods have been developed to estimate myocardial deformation from tagged image data. Most of these methods do not explicitly impose a continuity constraint through time although myocardial motion is a continuous physical(More)
Increasing antibiotic resistance has prompted development of alternative approaches to antimicrobial therapy, including blocking microbial adhesion to host receptors. The BabA adhesin of Helicobacter pylori binds to fucosylated blood group antigens, such as the Lewis(b) antigens in human primate gastric mucosa. We have isolated a human domain antibody(More)
Cholera toxin (CT) and the heat-labile enterotoxin of E. coli (LT), as well as their non toxic mutants, are potent mucosal adjuvants of immunization eliciting mucosal and systemic responses against unrelated co-administered antigens in experimental models and in humans (non toxic mutants). These enterotoxins are composed of two subunits, the A subunit,(More)
LT-R192G, a mutant of the thermolabile enterotoxin of E. coli, is a potent adjuvant of immunization. Immune responses are generally analyzed at the end of protocols including at least 2 administrations, but rarely after a prime. To investigate this point, we compared B and T cell responses in mice after one and two intrarectal immunizations with 2/6(More)
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