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Damage mechanics describes the degradation process that takes place in materials and structures. Traditionally, Coffin-Manson type empirical curves are used to determine the fatigue life. Damage mechanics allows us to determine the fatigue life without the need for empirical curves. The main problem in damage mechanics has always been a lack of universally(More)
A unified constitutive modeling approach based on the disturbed state concept (DSC) provides improved characterization of thermomechanical response of joining (solders), ceramics and printed wire board (PWB) materials in electronic packaging. Various versions in the DSC approach are calibrated and validated with respect to laboratory test data, and are(More)
Accurate prediction of the thermomechanical cyclic behavior of joints and interfaces in semiconductor devices is essential for their reliable design. In order to understand and predict the behavior of such interfaces there is a need for improved and unified constitutive models that can include elastic, inelastic, viscous, and temperature dependent(More)
The finite element procedure with the unified disturbed state modeling concept presented in Part I, Basaran et al. (1998), is verified here with respect to laboratory test results for Pb40/Sn60 eutectic solder alloy. This solder alloy is a commonly used interconnection material for surface mount technology packages. It is demonstrated that the proposed(More)
Moiré Interferometry (MI) theoretically can provide real-time full strain field measurements in dynamic environment. So it’s extensively used in reliability analysis of electronic packaging. Due to the nature of specimen preparations procedure, the optical noise is usually too strong so that an accurate phase-based information processing is not possible. In(More)
A program which takes as input the formal specification of a protocol using the formal model system ofcommunicating machines, and outputs a sequence of tests for an implementation of the protocol is discussed. Tbe protocol is specified formally as a finite state machine with local and shared variables. The test program, called TESTGEN, finds all path which(More)
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