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The expression of myosin heavy (MyHC) and light (MyLC) chain isoforms was analyzed after denervation and cross-reinnervation by a fast nerve of the slow-twitch Semimembranosus proprius (SMp) muscle, and after denervation and electrical stimulation at low frequency of the fast-twitch Semimembranous accessorius (SMa) muscle of the rabbit. The control SMp(More)
We investigated the myogenic properties and the expression of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in culture of satellite cells (SCs) isolated from slow and fast rabbit muscles. Slow SCs form myotubes more rapidly (day 9 vs day 11) than fast SCs, and differentiate further into striated and contractile fibers. AChE activity and mRNA expression are higher in SCs(More)
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