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Hazardous Impacts of Open Dumpsite of Municipal Solid Wastes on Soil: Case of M’Ploussoue Park Dump at Bonoua in Ivory Coast
In Ivory Coast, most of the uncontrolled dumpsites are open-air and is one of the most common methods adopted. To study the impact of the solid waste on soil, soil samples were collected from theExpand
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Determination of Source and Control Factors of Trace Metals (Cd, Zn, Cu, Cr, Ni and Pb) Bioaccumulation in Tilapia Fish of the Ebrié Lagoon (Côte d’Ivoire)
Lagoon water as sources of trace metals contamination in Tilapia fish as well as the physico-chemical parameters controlling the bioaccumulation of trace metals were determined in the Ebrie lagoon.Expand
Caractérisation expérimentale des relations entre les bactéries des sols, les phyllosilicates et les solutions : modélisation et rôle des paramètres environnementaux
Les bacteries jouent un role important dans le fonctionnement des sols et participent activement a l'alteration des silicates. L'alteration des silicates controle en partie la lixiviation d'elementsExpand