C. Balachandran

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Community Radio (CR) stations are short range FM stations that seek to meet the needs of their listeners by involving them in content creation, feedback, and station management. In India, the community radio movement took off in 2008 when the first set of CR stations became operational. During that period we began design and development of the Gramin Radio(More)
Community Radio Stations are short range FM radio stations that attempt to meet the information needs of communities situated around them. While the concept of community radio is not new, the widespread proliferation of mobile phones has generated renewed interest in using phones in conjunction with radio for closer community engagement. Radio stations in(More)
The effects of adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) on voltage-clamped and dissociated rat hippocampal neurons was investigated. Over 30% of neurons possessed ATP-activated inward currents at a holding potential of -70 mV. The ED50 for these currents was 150 mu M. At this concentration they were blocked by suramin (1 mM), indicating the involvement of(More)
extraction by Acetone, Hexane and Benzene has been evaluated. The 120 hours experimental Data were described by a simple mathematical model. According to the simulation results and the essential criteria, Acetone is superior to other solvents but under certain conditions where oil extraction takes place Hexane is superior catalyst.
Using employer–employee matched data from Sweden between 2001 and 2008, we test hypotheses designed to assess the contingent nature of the relationship between wage inequality and cross-firm mobility. Whereas past research has mostly established that wage inequality increases inter-firm mobility, we investigate the conditions under which pay variance might(More)
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