C B Thorbjörnsson

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OBJECTIVES The aim was to study the reliability and validity of retrospective data, collected by self-report, on sick leave related to musculoskeletal diseases. METHODS The study groups consisted of 66 and 306 subjects, for the reliability and validity studies, respectively. They were all part of a wider study of risk factors for musculoskeletal(More)
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective nested case-control study. OBJECTIVES To identify occupational factors related to low back pain, and to study how interactions between psychosocial and physical factors, and between work-related and leisure-related factors affect low back pain in women and men. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA A cohort of 484 subjects drawn from(More)
Information on psychosocial work conditions during a 24-year period for 484 participants was collected retrospectively. Analyses were made of the interrater reliability, stability, specificity, and aggregation of data. The main finding was that it is possible to collect reliable information about psychosocial work conditions retrospectively for a long(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate associations between different potential risk factors, related and not related to work, and disorders of the neck and upper extremities occurring up to 24 years later. METHODS The study comprised 252 women and 232 men, Swedish citizens, 42-59 years of age and in a broad range of occupations. Information about potential risk(More)
BACKGROUND In 1969 a population-based study was conducted in the Stockholm region. From the 2,579 randomly selected participants (18-65 years of age in 1969), the youngest subset were asked to participate in a reexamination in 1993. Information regarding working conditions, conditions outside work, and neck and shoulder disorders was collected(More)
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