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An unusual pulmonary tumor was identified on the basis of light and electron microscopic findings as glomangioma. The ultrastructural findings of intracytoplasmic fibrils with dense bodies, electron-dense plaques, pinocytotic vesicles, and basement membranes are consistent with smooth muscle origin. The differential diagnosis between our tumor and other(More)
A 62-year-old male with a myoepithelioma of the right parotid gland was treated with surgical excision followed by adjuvant radiation therapy. Prior to the completion of radiation therapy, the patient developed progressive disease at local, regional, and distant metastatic sites. Combined modality treatment with radiation and chemotherapy resulted in a(More)
CONTEXT Cadherins are cell-cell adhesion proteins that act as tumor suppressor genes and have a critical role in cell sorting and tissue formation during organogenesis. The pattern of cadherin expression constitutes a useful diagnostic and prognostic tool in the evaluation of tumors and for determining the histogenesis of tumor cells. We have previously(More)
This study was conducted to assess the learning function of murine progeny born of mothers that had received either 1% or 2% halothane or 2% or 4% enflurane, on days 6 and 10 or days 14 and 17 or gestation. Their timed performance at the age of 6 to 7 weeks was compared in a maze with that of control mice of similar ages that had not been exposed to(More)
A distinctive, benign, spindle cell tumor of the breast is described. Three patients were men, the fourth a woman. Histologically, each tumor displayed islands of spindle or stellate cells embedded in a collagenous matrix. Within the female breast, the lesion was within the stroma, displacing but not including the epithelial elements. Ultrastructural study(More)
This is the first arm of a two prong study conducted to learn two different aspects of vasovasostomy in dog vas deferens using the milliwatt carbon dioxide laser. The first study involved the evaluation of patency without collection of sperm. Six dogs were evaluated and all underwent vasectomy and subsequently had vasovasostomies performed between 4 and 12(More)
Of 503 patients with Crohn disease seen at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, 138 (28%) developed an anorectal abscess, anal fissure, or anal fistula during the course of their disease. In 9.3% of patients the anal lesion preceded the onset of intestinal symptoms by two weeks to 12 years. Patients in our series with large bowel disease were twice(More)