C B Meadows

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Children with cerebral palsy (CP) often experience significant problems supporting their bodyweight (BW) and decelerating the downward velocity of the centre of mass (CoM) in late stance. This is seen as a decreased second peak of vertical ground reaction force (GRF) nominated FZ(2). This study categorises gait data by the degree of reduced FZ(2). Kinetic(More)
The proliferation of new designs for ankle-foot orthoses fabricated with thermoplastic materials presents a bewildering picture for the clinician faced with the prescribing of a particular device for an individual patient. Indeed, the orthotics specialist with his spe­ cial knowledge may require to adopt a trial and error policy extending over a consider­(More)
  • D Aston, A Bean, C T Bienz, F Bird, D Caldwell, G Hallewell +23 others
  • 1998
-We report on the development and construction of the Cerenkov Ring Imaging Detector (CRID) for the SLD experiment at the SLAC linear collider. In particular, we outline recent progress in the construction, and results from testing the first components of the barrel CRID, including the drift boxes, liquid radiator trays and mirror system.~ We also review(More)
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