C. B. Jones

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Partial operators and functions are ubiquitous in program speciications, designs and arguments about both. There are several ways to ensure that logics can safely handle partiality. This paper identiies the costs associated with each of a variety of approaches to reasoning about partial functions. 1 The problem Much of classical mathematics focuses on total(More)
INTRODUCTION Most treatment programs for alcohol dependence have prioritized alcohol abstinence as the primary treatment goal. However, abstinence-based goals are not always considered desirable or attainable by more severely affected populations, such as chronically homeless people with alcohol dependence. Because these individuals comprise a multimorbid(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are more prevalent among homeless individuals than in the general population, and homeless individuals are disproportionately affected by alcohol-related morbidity and mortality. Unfortunately, abstinence-based approaches are neither desirable to nor highly effective for most members of this population. Recent(More)
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  • 1999
26 the descriptive power of RMIN and the simplicity of its semantics, they provide a powerful incentive for further investigation of RMIN in combination with ACL as the basis of a formal software development method. Notes 1. In fact it is only when using a typed theory that there is a problem with undeened terms. In untyped axiomatic set theory the(More)