C B J M Cleutjens

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Androgen receptor-positive LNCaP cells were stably transfected with a rat glucocorticoid receptor (GR) expression plasmid. Ligand-binding studies in the generated cell lines revealed high-affinity binding of the cognate ligands to their receptors. Transfection experiments with the newly derived cell lines showed that, like androgen receptor, GR can induce(More)
PURPOSE The goal of this study is to develop a tissue-specific toxic gene therapy utilizing the prostate specific antigen (PSA) promoter for both androgen-dependent (AD) and androgen-independent (AI) PSA-secreting prostate cancer cells. Ideally this gene therapy would be effective without the necessity of exposing the target cells to circulating androgens.(More)
The human kallikrein gene family is composed of three members: tissue kallikrein (KLK1), prostate-specific antigen (PA or APS), and human glandular kallikrein-1 (hGK-1 or KLK2). The three genes have previously been isolated and mapped to chromosome 19q13.2-q13.4. Further analysis of an area of 110 kb surrounding the kallikrein genes by CHEF electrophoresis(More)
ABSTRACT: The activity of medium-chain acyl-CoA de-hydrogenase (MCAD) with octanoyl-CoA as a substrate was measured in human lymphocytes by a gas chromatographic technique. Phenazine methosulfate was used as the primary electron acceptor. After the addition of crotonase and subsequent hydrolysis, the reaction product 3-hydroxyoctanoic acid was quantitated(More)
The IGF-II gene is a complex transcription unit. Multiple transcripts are synthesized as a result of alternate promoter usage and the splicing of unique 5' untranslated regions to common coding exons. In order to characterize the mechanisms of IGF-II gene regulation we performed comparative studies to define essential features of IGF-II expression in human,(More)
IGF-I gene expression in mammals typically results in multiple mRNA species ranging in size between 0.7 and 7.6 kb. The smaller mRNA species have largely been characterized by the analysis of nearly full-length cDNAs. This report describes the first complete sequence of the prominent high molecular weight (7.6 kb) IGF-I mRNA species. Isolation and(More)
In an attempt to identify C/EBP-like transcription factors expressed in the prostate, a cDNA homologous to the mouse C/EBP delta (CRP3) and the rat CELF gene was isolated. A genomic clone containing the entire C/EBP delta gene was isolated using a cDNA fragment as a probe. The gene was characterized by restriction mapping and sequence analysis. By(More)
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