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The objective is to perform an experimental and numerical study to analyze short-pulse laser propagation through tissue phantoms without and with inhomogeneities embedded in them. For a short-pulse laser the observed optical signal has a distinct temporal shape, and the shape is a function of the medium properties. The scattered temporal transmitted and(More)
This paper describes the investigation on the effects of separation length and voltage on IEF in a plastic microfluidic device. A LIF, whole-channel imaging detection (WCID) system was developed to monitor proteins while they were moving under an electric field. IEF was carried out in a separation medium consisting of carrier ampholytes and a mixture of(More)
Noncovalent fluorescent dyes are widely used for protein quantification and postcolumn detection in electrophoretic separations and recently some attempts to separate the precolumn labeled proteins using isoelectric focusing (IEF) have been made. In the present study, the possibility of applying the technique of protein labeling with noncovalent dyes for(More)
Using an isospin-and momentum-dependent transport model we study effects of the momentum-dependent symmetry potential on heavy-ion collisions induced by neutron-rich nuclei. It is found that symmetry potentials with and without the momentum-dependence but corresponding to the same density-dependent symmetry energy E sym (ρ) lead to significantly different(More)
The conductivity properties of natural pH gradient created by carrier ampholytes were studied during the process of isoelectric focusing (IEF). IEF was performed in capillaries (10-30 mm long) or in microchips with the same channel length. A 10-30x reduction of the conductivity of the separation medium was observed during the establishment of pH gradient.(More)
An experimental and numerical study is performed to analyse short pulse laser propagation through tissue phantoms without and with inhomogeneities embedded in it. Short pulse laser probing techniques have distinct advantages over conventional very large pulse width or cw lasers primarily due to the additional information conveyed about the tissue interior(More)
Two-dimensional (2D) protein separation is achieved in a plastic microfluidic device by integrating isoelectric focusing (IEF) with multi-channel polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). IEF (the first dimension) is carried out in a 15 mm-long channel while PAGE (the second dimension) is in 29 parallel channels of 65 mm length that are orthogonal to the(More)
Major ingredients of an isospin and momentum dependent transport model for nuclear reactions induced by radioactive beams are outlined. Within the IBUU04 version of this model we study several experimental probes of the equation of state of neutron-rich matter, especially the density dependence of the nuclear symmetry energy. Comparing with the recent(More)