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Cholinergic interneurons, which provide the main source of acetylcholine (ACh) in the striatum, control the striatal local circuits and deeply involve in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. Glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) is a crucial kinase with diverse fundamental functions and accepted that deregulation of GSK-3 activity also plays(More)
The epidemiological characteristics of human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I infection in Taiwan have been explored by an island-wide community-based survey, which was carried out among residents in 19 townships and metropolitan precincts randomly selected through stratified sampling. Serum specimens of 7278 healthy subjects were screened by enzyme-linked(More)
Previous studies have shown that genetic factors might have an important role in blood pressure (BP) responses to dietary salt or potassium intake. The aim of this study was to assess the association of common genetic variants of the adiponectin gene with BP responses to controlled dietary sodium or potassium interventions. Subjects (n=334) from 124(More)
(2001) Use of dopamine β-hydroxylase deficient mice to determine the role of norepinephrine in the mechanism of action of antidepressant drugs. (2004) A distinct role for norepinephrine in memory retrieval. Activation of cyclin dependent kinase 5 by calpains contributes to human immunodeficiency virus-induced neurotoxicity. (2006) A mouse model system for(More)
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