C Ashley Barnes

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Neurophysiological and behavioral measures were obtained from 32 senescent (28--34 mo) and 32 mature adult (10--16 mo) rats. Extracellularly recorded synaptic responses were obtained from electrodes chronically implanted in the fascia dentata and perforant path. The rats were first tested on a circular platform, which favored the use of spatial cues for its(More)
AIMS To estimate the rate of detection of neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NAITP) in the Irish population, to investigate clinical presentation and outcome in affected infants, and to determine the extent, if any, to which this condition is underdiagnosed at present. METHODS Cases were collected in a retrospective fashion from a review of platelet(More)
A 54-year-old female patient with a history of chronic liver disease and portal hypertension was admitted for an elective cholecystectomy. Preoperative evaluation revealed a prolonged prothrombin time of 17.4 seconds (control 12 to 15.5 seconds). Six units of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) were prescribed after failure of correction of the coagulopathy with(More)
Although the morphologic criteria for separating renal oncocytomas from renal carcinomas with overlapping features are not established completely, the distinction is crucial because of the marked difference in prognosis. Of the 247 renal carcinomas observed at our hospital since 1947, six had sufficient morphologic features of oncocytoma to pose potential(More)
Selective screening for pancreatic cancer (PC) has been proposed. We describe the establishment of a comprehensive multidisciplinary screening program using 3.0 T MRI. Criteria for screening included the presence of PC in: ≥ 2 first degree relatives (FDR), 1 FDR and 1 s degree relative (SDR), ≥ 3 any degree relatives (ADR), or any known hereditary cancer(More)
Bax is known for its pro-apoptotic role within the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis. However, the mechanism for transitioning Bax from cytosolic to membrane-bound oligomer remains elusive. Previous nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) studies defined monomeric Bax as conformationally homogeneous. Yet it has recently(More)
The distribution of HLA phenotypes, genes and haplotypes in the normal population is of considerable importance in, for example, disease susceptibility studies, platelet transfusion support and transplantation. HLA population genetics studies have been carried out on numerous population samples, however, no major studies have been performed on Irish(More)
Photoepilation, utilizing lasers and noncoherent light sources, is designed to irradiate as much of the follicular unit as possible, with melanin as the target chromophore. Wavelength absorption should generate energy sufficient to heat and destroy the hair follicle, while preserving the surrounding tissue. When performing photoepilation on African-American(More)
Among patients with localized pancreatic cancer (PC), the benefit of adjuvant therapy after neoadjuvant therapy and surgery is unknown. Patients with localized PC who completed all intended neoadjuvant therapy and surgery were categorized based on the receipt of adjuvant therapy and by pathologic lymph node status (LN−/LN+). Data was available from 234(More)