C. Aschendorff

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We evaluated posttransplantation growth, bone maturation, and adult height in 20 adolescents who had received kidney transplants at the age of 10.5 to 17 years. Nine patients (five male, four female) were treated with cyclosporine and low-dose prednisolone, and 11 children (six male, five female) were treated with azathioprine and high-dose prednisolone.(More)
Several factors influencing post-transplant growth were analysed in a total of 163 children receiving transplants at the Medical School Hannover. Statural height at the time of transplantation depended on the length of the pre-transplant period of chronic renal failure, and was more retarded in children with congenital renal diseases than in those with(More)
One hundred and thirteen children (59 boys and 54 girls aged from 2 to 16 years) with end stage renal failure entered the renal dialysis and transplantation programme between 1972 and 1983. They were followed up until December 1985. Ninety eight children were initially treated by haemodialysis in hospital and 15 by renal transplantation. The average wait on(More)
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