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A Community Profile is a combined picture of the members data in the community and the process of creating it is called community profiling. It uses a variety of different techniques to build up a picture of the community from a number of different perspectives. The members in the Community can interact with other members in the same community using the(More)
The problem of resource allocation in multiuser orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system is a combinatorial optimization problem. The conventional methods for the problem demand high computational complexity and are found to be long iterative algorithms. Intelligent techniques such as genetic algorithms (GAs), simulated annealing, particle(More)
One of the biggest challenges in the field of computational neuroscience from the perspective of complex network analysis is the measurement of dynamic local and global interactions of the brain regions during cognitive function. Graph theoretic analysis has been extensively applied to study the dynamics of functional brain networks in the recent years. The(More)
Clustered voltage scaling (CVS) systems is a technique to decrease power dissipation. One of the design challenges in CVS is the efficient level converter with fewer overheads in power and delay. In this paper, we propose a novel implicit-pulsed level convert flip-flop that uses circuit techniques such as conditional discharge to reduce the overhead(More)
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